“I have read many books about adoption, and have written one myself, and I can honestly say that this is one of the most eloquent testimonies I know.”

Helen Fehervary
Professor, Ohio State University
Author, Lea Marenn (pen name), Salvador’s Children: A Song for Survival

“The writing was a pleasure to read. … The book has a narrative drive that unfolds itself slowly and steadily, but shockingly and in a captivating manner. It’s most basic strength is the raw emotional power of the story and the tremendous coincidence of the particular Salvadoran family to whom the author found herself connected by virtue of the adoption.”

Erik Ching
Professor, Furman University

“A conversation such as this one was beyond the dreams of adoptive mothers 25 years ago. Today it offers essential insight that reflects a new reality….”

Rosanna Hertz
Professor, Wellesley College

“Some of the best parts include the powerful writing provided by the children. Ward has succeeded in building an incredible story that reads as very balanced both on the personal level as well as on a political level, and that at the same time reaches into the deep transformative lengths that filial love is capable of. What a breathtaking tribute to Mila in every possible way!”

 Ralph Sprenkels
Centre for Conflict Studies, Utrecht University
Formerly investigator for Pro-Búsqueda de Niñas y Niños Desaparecidos (Salvadoran organization searching for disappeared children).
Author, The Price of Peace: The Human Rights Movement in Postwar El Salvador

“Ward covers a lot of territory, and for a non-historian, non-political scientist I thought she did very well…I think she got it about 97% right, if not better. There is so much speculation and guesswork involved even to this day. … I’m so glad she wrote this book. ... It’s very well written, and I was moved to tears a number of times.”

 Charlie Clements
Executive Director, The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard Kennedy School
Author, Witness to War: An American Doctor in El Salvador

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