Ana's Miracle
A Family Blog - 2007 to 2011

Starting in 2007 several members of the extended family started recording their thoughts and memories online for all to read. The blog features posts from Margaret’s adopted son, Nelson and his birth sister, Eva, but also has posts from Margaret, her son Derek , and other members of Nelson's birth family, including his brother Ernesto, and his cousin Mireya.

Identifying Nelson/Buscando A Roberto
Nelson Ward de Witt's Documentary Film

This is a documentary about just one young man, part of a group of nearly three hundred who have been identified after disappearing as children during the civil war in El Salvador.

Nelson’s search for identity is set in his birth country, against a backdrop that obscures war’s aftermath. Through interviews with other disappeared and still searching families, he reveals the deep wounds still open a generation after one of the bloodiest armed conflicts of the cold war era.

Asociación Pro-Búsqueda de Niñas y Niños Desaparecidos
(Association Searching for Disappeared Girls and Boys)

A non-governmental grass-roots organization founded by Father Jon Cortina in 1994 and based in San Salvador that searches for children who disappeared during the Salvadoran Civil War (1980-1992). One of four human rights organizations involved in the search for Nelson/Roberto.

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